Regional Recipes from Italy

Recipes from Italy, such a broad statement! Every region in Italy has unique and excellent gourmet food. When it comes to food, different italian regions may almost appear as different countries!

Tortellini and polenta from the north, melanzane alla parmigiana and seafood soup from campania, just out of my mind.

Have a look below at traditional recipes from Italy divided by regions.

Recipes from Campania

Wonderful Amalfi coast
amalfi, amalfi coast
With historical influences from greece, spanish and french occupations, Campanian food has originates from poor cuisine.

As an example, the most common dish of napulitan cuisine is pizza of course! Which was born as a street food dish.

Fish and seafood dishes were traditionally consumed in the coast area, while meat and cheese originally typical of the hinterland.

Local products worth mentioning include buffalo mozzarella, soppressata (a local salami), the huge lemons from the Amalfi coast and olive oil.

Recipes from Emilia-Romagna

A stunning road in Modena
Personally I'm slightly partial when It comes to commenting the food from my region.

I really miss products like grana padano and parmesan (two hard cheeses), Modena ham, tortellini, lasagne and traditional balsamic vinegar, just to name a few.

The south of Emilia-Romagna is occupied by the Appenines, and therefore food culture is influenced by the traditions and environment of the mountains, with dishes such as meat-chasseurs, sausages and the use of mushrooms.

Local traditional bread and pancakes called crescentine and gnocco fritto are also typical of the mountain area of Modena, the city where I am from.

Recipes from Tuscany

Beautiful view of Chianti
chianti, tuscany
Tuscan cuisine is based on very simple ingredients, but genuine and delicious.

As per many Italian regions, Tuscan cuisine has different expressions near the coast or in the hinterland.The cacciucco is a famous dish from the coast, a delicious fish soup with mullet, octopus and mussels.

Florence is famous for the ribollita (a vegetable soup served with roasted tuscan bread), tripe, fiorentina (a thick T-bone steak), and tuscan olive oil.

Recipes from Sicily

The ancient greek temple of Agrigento
Sicilian cuisine benefits from a mixture of historical influences from Arabs, Greeks and Spanish.

Arancini, coat-fried rice balls, were originally from the Arabs.

A great resource of Sicilian food is of course fish.

Local products worth mentioning include cassata, almonds pastries, ricotta and caciotta cheeses.

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