"MALLEGATO” (BLOOD SAUSAGE) Safeguarded by Slow Food:


Pig's blood mixed with raisins, pine fruits and small pieces of fried fat. The processing of this product is quite complex in order to guarantee its salubrity.

According to Slow Food rules, we have to analyze the blood and pasteurize the product.
It's excellent sliced, passed in flour and fried in olive oil. The taste is sweet.

Recommendations :
It can be served with vegetables with a bitter taste. Useful for people who are anaemic or suffer from iron deficiency.

We are the official producers in charge for the Slow Food Presidium, in San Miniato.

You can purchase our products, from our : Shop-on-line, on the web site: www.sergiofalschi.it
or directly in our butcher shop, located in the core of Tuscany area, between Florence and Pisa.
Address: Macelleria Norcineria Sergio Falaschi
Augusto Conti Road, n.18/20
56027 San Miniato (Pisa).
Time: Mon-Sat 08;00 – 13;00
Sunday 08;00 - 14;00
Wednesday: closed.

About Us:
Our adventure started in 1925 when, in the old town centre of San Miniato, my grandfather Guido Falaschi started the first family butcher's shop.
Guido was the progenitor who transmitted his enthusiasm to his sons, Vasco and Bruno, that is my father and my uncle. They went on with the activity with great passion and ability until 1967 when it was myself to take the reins of the business. My name is Sergio Falaschi and I represent the III generation of “Master Butchers”. In recent years, my son Andrea has decided to join the business, bringing his enthusiasm and new ideas: Andrea represents the IV generation of the Falaschi family working in this activity.
I have emphazed the qualities of traceability of the product, through all the passages of the supply chain. I have always believed in the importance of the so called “filiera corta e tracciabilità” (short distribution system and traceability of the products). These ideas have been the basis of our business since the beginning, giving us the opportunity to obtain the trust of our customers who are aware of the quality and genuinity of our products.

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