Italian Food Recipes by Type

Deli stand at Bologna airport
Italian ingredients

Here I gathered my favourite Italian food recipes sorted by type.
Some are authentic traditional recipes, while others modern interpretations.

My only advise for great Italian recipes is to use fresh, locally grown organic ingredients where possible.

In addition use the best Italian products, from olive oil, cheese, balsamic vinegar, parma ham etc.

My guests have a wonderful time not because I'm a natural talented chef, but because I use the best products imported from my trips in Italy.

A drizzle of olive oil can change and enhance the flavours like nothing else if you use the best extra virgin olive oil you can find from local producers.

pasta b&w

My favourite example is balsamic vinegar. Almost nobody knows that what you can find in your local shops has nothing to do with traditional balsamic vinegar, which is an authentic elisir.

A few drops of traditional balsamic vinegar before serving will give your dishes an amazing taste like nothing else, and this doesn't take many skills!

So please do a little reasearch and make a little investment, and you'll improve enormously your results in any Italian dish.


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