The best chocolate coffee cake:
Torta Barozzi cake

Torta Barozzi is a delicious chocolate coffee cake and my favourite Italian cake so I'll do my best to be impartial.

As a child the only way to drag me to take a blood test was to promise me a slice of Barozzi cake straight after the hospital.

The cake has a rich cocoa and almond flavour with an after-taste of Italian coffee and rum.

The recipe is currently secret and only known to the heirs of the Gollini bakery, where this cake was invented (see below).

However, a very good imitation can be made following this recipe.

It is generally consumed as a breakfast cake served with coffee or tea, when in need of something richer than just a croissant or biscuits.

It is also served plain or as part of delicious desserts in traditional restaurants of Modena.

The unique coffee flavour makes it an ideal complement to any sweet creams or custards, mascarpone, tiramisu or vanilla ice-cream.

History of the cake

Torta Barozzi was created at the end of the 19th century in Vignola, a town in the province of Modena, northern Italy. It is a tribute to Jacopo Barozzi, one of 16th century's most famous architects, and official architect of Pope Julius III.

Eugenio Gollini, the inventor of the Torta Barozzi handed down the recipe of the cake to the heirs of his bakery, today still the only place where this traditional Italian cake can be tasted.

Some bakeries produce remarkable imitations, but the Barozzi is still recognized in Vignola as the best.

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