Adopt a sheep and contribute to the survival of an age-old tradition

italian shepherd

Do you think that adopting a sheep sounds just a bit crazy?

Emilio has been a shepherd for over 30 years. He lives with his family and sheeps in Gergei, south of Sardinia.

I read about his small farm while enjoying my holiday in Sardinia and decided to leave the sea coast to meet him personally.

I was immediately struck by his radiant smile and genuine hospitality.

As completely strangers, we were welcomed and offered his home-made pecorino cheese with a drink of mirto (a typical Sardinian liquor made from the local mirto berry).

After a few minutes chatting we were invited to the next Sunday family lunch, a true Italian honour!

italian family lunch

I absolutely love locally made food products and I told Emilio that I never tasted fresh raw milk.

He then led me to his herd and captured a sheep, and here you go....
half pint of raw milk straight from the tap!

What an incredible creamy flavour, what real milk is supposed to taste.

drinking raw milk

In his area only sixty shepherds are left, and the youngest is about 40. This tradition is slowly dying, and with it the chance to taste home-made, locally produced pecorino cheeses.

Since the European Union introduced the milk quotes, small local producers are not allowed to sell their available products, and so much is going to waste.

Small producers like Emilio are the most affected by the EU.

Even Emilio doesn't want his son to take over. It's tough work and you are bound to live poor, he thinks. My opinion is that a man with his heart and passion is bound to be prosperous.

His daughter came up with a great idea. You can adopt a sheep from distance and help Emilio and his family, while at the same time you'll receive an annual supply of fresh pecorino!

What do you get if you adopt a sheep

Sheep Identity Card

  • After you choose the sheep's name you will receive the sheep's identity photo-card. The sheep then will wear a leather collar with engraved your chosen name.

  • A handmade wool article made by Emilio's wife

  • A 20kg supply of fresh, vacuum-sealed home-made pecorino cheese

What if you're not a cheese lover?

Sardinian food basket

If you are not a cheese lover Emilio will send you two baskets of gourmet Sardinian products each containing:

  • 1 bottle of wine

  • 1 bottle of cold-pressed sardinian extra-virgin olive oil

  • 2 packs of Malloreddus (typical Sardinian pasta)

  • 1 pack of typical Sardinian sweets

  • 1 pot of local home-made Honey

  • 1 wrapping of Bread Carasau

  • 1 bottle of Mirto (typical Sardinian liquormade from the mirto berry)

  • 1 wrapping of Fregola Sarda (typical Sardinian pasta for soup)

  • 1 form of pecorino cheese of the sheep

Do yourself or a special person the gift of contributing to something special, and enjoy an excellent pecorino cheese to last for a year!

The contribution is of 390,00 Euros (VAT included). To adopt your own sheep order the application form from Emilio here.

I won't get a dime for it, I truely believe Emilio deserves it fully. I cherish him because he's one of the last true sardinian shepherds.

Me, Lucia and our family decided to share an order and adopt a sheep.
It may be expensive for you alone, but it's so easy to share this idea with friends or family.

His pecorino cheese is one of the best I ever had, and I'm so excited to contribute to this age-old tradition.

If you write to Emilio I just ask you a favour...
please let him know that Paolo and Lucia say hi :)

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