Discover gourmet Italian food products and recipes

This website is for passionate people about authentic Italian food.

Please take the word 'authentic' literally...

Have you smelled the fragrant aroma of freshly made pastries at a small bakery in Naples?

Or the nutty fruity scent of a Tuscan salami made according to rituals of two centuries ago?



The experience of TRUE Italian food can hardly be described with words.

But what really makes it so special worldwide?

The secrets are traditional recipes (preferably from an Italian grandma, not cookbooks!), authentic gastronomic products and fresh ingredients.

By using authentic, locally sourced gastronomic products and not the processed, industrial ones Italian dishes literally transform... (uh, and don't forget the grandma!)

It is our passion to visit and interview local Italian producers about unique, often unknown, traditional products - also as excuse to taste these delicacies ;)

Even in Italy some amazing products are only known within a few miles!

We collected some of the best recipes from regional and local traditions. You won't find many of these recipes on the internet. Some unique ones such as those with balsamic vinegar are not even present in Italian websites or cookbooks.

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We hope you'll enjoy this website and plan soon your own Italian meal... :)

By the way, who are we...?


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